Whoop Wireless secures Professional Services Contract

04 APR 2022

Whoop Wireless secures Service Contract for Public Safety DAS/ERCS Platform

Whoop Wireless has secured a service contract that includes Annual Certification/Inspection and RF surveys for ERCS/Public Safety DAS for a Miami based MDU client. “Whoop Wireless continues to see solid growth in this vertical of our business model as we have onboarded multiple customers throughout the fourth quarter of 2021 and first quarter of 2022 that have selected the Whoop Wireless service options. The goal with the RF benchmark testing, annual certifications and site surveys is to give the customer data points for decision making on in-building cellular/DAS and in building Public Safety DAS/ERCS. These are cost efficiency measures that align with providing a robust system for Life Safety/Risk Management models,” stated Mark Strittmatter, V.P. of Sales and Customer Service at Whoop Wireless.

Whoop Wireless has in house staff trained and certified on benchmarking gear and software for Public Safety DAS/ERCS and In-Building Commercial Cellular platforms. This enables Whoop Wireless to provide RF survey data points so that accurate RF design and build outs address what is needed to enhance Life Safety within their client’s buildings. “There have been several instances where the coverage in a client’s building is fairly robust, and the site just needs coverage in dead spots. Whoop can easily identify these dead spots, produce a design and installation package that addresses these areas and gives both the building owner and their end users peace of mind. That’s what we do,” Strittmatter concluded referencing this latest group of onboarded customers that are based in the following states: Florida, California, Montana, Washington and Texas.

Whoop Wireless offers Public Safety certification for Building Occupancy (initial/annual), RF Benchmark testing for in building cellular and Public Safety/ERRCS across the continental United States. The RF Benchmark testing is a key component for an accurate and cost-effective turnkey design/installation and sets the proper expectations for all stakeholders. Whoop Wireless is an OEM of 4G/5G Neutral Host in-building cellular platforms that provide day one/first in class services for all carriers.


Flexible Financial Models

The CAPEX model is for those customers that want a one-time CAPEX expense with a monthly managed service plan; the Cellular and/or Public Safety as a Service (CaaS/PSaaS) plan involves a model that includes a minimal activation fee/or zero down along with a monthly managed service plan.

Whoop Wireless RF Coverage/Public Safety DAS/ERCS Testing and Reports

Whoop Wireless offers RF Coverage testing for in-building cellular and Public Safety DAS/ERRCS that enable certification for certificate of occupancy and certification by AHJ’s.

Whoop Wireless contacts:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com

Hayes Bell – Project Manager

Phone: 720-475-0404

Email: hb@whoop-wireless.com

Whoop Wireless secures Public Safety BDA/ERRCS Contract


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