Whoop Wireless secures Public Safety BDA/ERRCS Contract

Whoop Wireless starts Public Safety/ERRCS Install – Rocky Mountain Region

Whoop Wireless, an OEM for in building communications systems, has begun the installation of a public safety/Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) platform for a hospitality customer in the Rocky Mountain region. The installation will cover approximately 100,000 square feet and provide access to critical communications for first responders in the event of a 911 scenario and/or other life safety occurrences within the building. “This ERRCS project was implemented on a very short timeline to respond to the customer’s needs. From the time of the contract execution to the start of the project it was less than twenty-one days. That is impressive and shows tremendous team work, project management and logistical coordination between the Whoop Wireless team, our system integrator partner, the manufacturer, the AHJ and the customer – all of this had to come together to hit the project timeline expectations,” stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Whoop Wireless.

As part of Whoop Wireless’ turnkey installation services, the ERRCS platform will be commissioned, tested and certified by Whoop Wireless personnel and submitted to the AHJ for review and acceptance prior to building occupancy being approved. Post installation, Whoop Wireless provides annual testing and recertification on all client projects. All Whoop Wireless installations include remote monitoring and maintenance services along with equipment and labor warranties.

Whoop Wireless conducts RF benchmark surveys on all projects so that the customer and AHJ can have a before and after data point.


Flexible Financial Models

The CAPEX model is for those customers that want a one-time CAPEX expense with a monthly managed service plan; the Flex program is a model that involves an activation fee with a monthly managed service plan; the Cellular and/or Public Safety as a Service (CaaS/PSaaS) plan involves a model that includes a minimal activation fee/or zero down along with a monthly managed service plan.

Whoop Wireless RF Coverage/Public Safety DAS/ERRCS Testing and Reports

Whoop Wireless offers RF Coverage benchmark testing for in-building cellular and Public Safety DAS/ERRCS that enable certification for certificate of occupancy and certification by AHJ’s. Annual testing and recertification of the Whoop Wireless installed system is included in all remote monitoring and maintenance plans.

Whoop Wireless contact:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com

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