whoopFAST™ — Whoop Femtocell Antenna Switch Technology

10-4 Small Cell Interface

Indoor Wireless Cell Phone Coverage for all Tier 1 Wireless Service Providers

The 10-4 SCI in a nutshell

This Enterprise Owned And Managed Solution Provides Small Cell Interfaces For Seamless Mobile Service Throughout The Enterprise By Using Femtocells From Tier 1 Carriers.
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Small Cell Interface

The patented whoopFAST™ Small Cell Interface (SCI) delivers 4G/LTE in-building coverage for the four Tier 1 mobile network operators, serving >98% of users Day-1. It includes ten radio inputs and four outputs. The inputs include eight small cell (femtocell) inputs and two over-the-air (OTA) inputs. The OTA inputs use band-specific repeaters to boost the OTA signal for simulcasting throughout the in-building coverage area. The small cell inputs are operator-specific, with the capacity of each small cell switchable to any of the four outputs. Up to 50 antennas may be connected to each SCI. A Whoop Antenna Array Element (AAE) is connected to each antenna to boost output power through the antenna. This enables Enterprises to distribute a femtocell signal to a coverage area 50x larger than the area of a typical stand-alone femtocell. The SCI passive switch matrix optimizes the delivery of capacity where required in the coverage area. Capacity may be simulcasted throughout the building, or mapped to targeted coverage zones, based on enterprise capacity requirements and available signal source capacity.

10-4 SCI Key Features

  • 8 small cell and 2 OTA inputs
  • Small cell inputs switchable to a maximum of 4 sectors
  • OTA interface ports simulcast throughout the venue
  • Up to 50 AAE and antennas per SCI
  • Capacity distributed over 50x the typical femtocell coverage footprint
  • Support for MIMO & SISO operation
  • Remote access and control of entire system using intuitive GUI
  • Wall-mount or rack-mount kit available
  • AC/DC wall adapter

Game-changing technology that will revolutionize the way in-building wireless is delivered!

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