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The Connected life: 25 Billion connections in 2020

What’s The Problem?

Environmental factors prevent radio frequencies from entering building, leading to connection problems with time critical voice and data.

What Are The Benefits?

The growth of machine to machine applications will continue to expand at an exponential rate. The engineering team has been developing technology that allows for the best quality signal possible for a given location. The technology enables a wide range of applications such as high bandwidth video and real-time command and control such as:
  • Heavy equipment
  • Power systems
  • Processing
  • Flow control
  • Plant automation
  • Resource metering
  • Fluid tank monitoring
  • Industrial waste management
  • Clean energy
  • Power generation & distribution
  • New/remote site management

Market Statistics

Significant growth of Internet of Things (IoT) from 2011-2020
+1.2bn handsets
+2.0bn tablets, eReaders, laptops
+11.3bn M2M connections

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