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Whoop Wireless is an OEM that provides in-building cellular and public safety/ERRCS through a Managed Service platform that is monitored and maintained through the company’s proprietary software and hardware. Whoop Wireless has installed its Managed Service platform on multiple college and office campuses; in hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, high rise office buildings, MDU’s and light industrial buildings to allow building owners/managers to provide its tenants with seamless in-building mobile coverage. With over 160+ deployments and 2,150+ nodes that service over 10,000,000 square feet, Whoop Wireless is your middleprise expert for in-building telecommunication and Public Safety/ERRCS infrastructure. We are here to solve your in-building communication issues.

Whoop Wireless provides turn key design/engineering, installation and turn up services that include ordering and provisioning circuits/backhaul/dark fiber leases/consulting for rebroadcast agreements so that its customer base can utilized the Whoop Wireless Managed Service platform inside their building(s) and/or in an educational or commercial campus environment. Whoop Wireless has platforms that can perform with donor antenna over the air solutions or Small Cell solutions that are connected to ATT Metro Cells, Verizon Extenders and built in modules for Sprint/T-Mobile. Whoop can also offer a hybrid system of over the air and Small Cell solutions. Whoop’s solutions are flexible and cost effective.

Whoop Wireless provides full turnkey design and installation for Public Safety/ERRCS, 4G/LTE, LTE Private/5G and CBRS platforms.

The Whoop Wireless Managed Service platform enhances safe building occupancy and provides IT/Infrastructure managers and building/portfolio owners with aggressive NOI/ROI’s for their investors and stakeholders.



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