Whoop Wireless Software Release 5.1

10 JUNE 2021

Whoop Wireless starts beta test of Software Release 5.1.

Whoop Wireless has started the beta test of its next generation Remote Monitoring and Maintenance software platform. Existing monitoring and maintenance customers will start to have access to the beta platform within the next thirty days. “We have always depended on our customer base to give us feedback on our remote monitoring and maintenance software platform. The number one item that our customer base enjoys about our platform is the level and detail of transparency they can access on the Whoop Wireless OEM platform,” stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service at Whoop Wireless. “The customers that subscribe to our platform received real-time data points that enhance accountability and performance of the Whoop Wireless in building cellular network. We believe this is a difference maker to our customers and the relationships we continue to build with our client base.”

Release 5.1 is expected to go live by the beginning of the fourth quarter and will be implemented on all Whoop Wireless platforms that have Remote Monitoring and Maintenance along with all Whoop Wireless Cellular as a Service (CaaS) customers.


Flexible Financial Models

The CAPEX model is for those customers that want a one-time CAPEX expense with a monthly managed service plan; the Flex program is a model that involves an activation fee with a monthly managed service plan; the Cellular and/or Public Safety as a Service (CaaS/PSaaS) plan involves a model that includes a minimal activation fee/or zero down along with a monthly managed service plan.

Whoop Wireless RF Coverage/Public Safety DAS/ERRCS Testing and Reports

Whoop Wireless offers RF Coverage testing for in-building cellular and Public Safety DAS/ERRCS that enable certification for certificate of occupancy and certification by AHJ’s.

Whoop Wireless Secures Expansion Contract for Higher Ed Client

Whoop Wireless contact:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com

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