Whoop Wireless launches the 10-4 SCI Small Cell Interface Head-end…

Whoop Wireless launches the 10-4 SCI Small Cell Interface Head-end, a game-changing technology that will revolutionize the way in-building wireless is delivered.

Boca Raton, FL. Whoop Wireless LLC, a manufacturer of in-building mobile reception systems, is announcing the launch of Whoop’s game-changing 10-4 Small Cell Interface Head–end (10-4 SCI). Mobile reception has been pervasive problem for buildings between 50 thousand and 500 thousand square feet. For these mid-sized, “enterprise” buildings, the large distributed antenna systems found in stadiums, malls, and airports are prohibitively expensive, and smaller consumer-grade solutions don’t scale effectively. However, the Whoop Amplifier Array provides reliable mobile reception to mid-sized buildings at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

With the explosion of wireless data, the wireless carriers are unable to provide the required throughput by delivering their signals from cell towers. As a result, small cells which transport the carriers’ signals over fiber, are becoming the predominant method to bring wireless service to buildings.

Whoop CEO Richard Paul-Hus explains, “Wireless carriers are increasingly challenged to deliver the data speeds that consumers are demanding, and over-the-air solutions cannot support the necessary bandwidth. Consequently, the carriers have become increasingly reluctant to grant rebroadcast agreements which are required for over-the-air solutions. Our 10-4 SCI connects the Whoop Amplifier Array to distribute the carriers’ signals from small cells”. Each 10-4 SCI can cover 250 thousand square feet, and a second 10-4 SCI can be added to cover up to 500 thousand square feet.

The 10-4 SCI features 10 signal input ports and 4 output coverage ports. This allows the system design to divide buildings into separate sectors with differing capacity needs. The 10-4 SCI has the flexibility to route each input to any selected combination of the four sectors. “With data traffic doubling almost annually, it will be necessary to intelligently and dynamically direct capacity where it is required as usage profiles inevitably change,” noted Rich Paul- Hus. Phil Ziegler, Whoop’s CTO, added, “Our customers needed a solution that could support all wireless carriers with the ability to add capacity as demand increases”.

Founded in 2012, Whoop is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, with R&D facilities in Silicon Valley. Whoop entered the in-building mobile market with an over-the-air repeater solution supporting commercial 700, 800, 1900 & 2100 MHz bands, which has been installed in over 100 locations nationally. The 10-4 SCI begins shipping in April 2017.

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