Whoop Wireless installs 4G/5G Neutral Host for Midwest Hospital

Whoop Wireless secures contract for 4G/5G Neutral Host with Midwest Hospital

Whoop Wireless, a DAS OEM and provider of in-building cellular and public safety platforms, has started the installation of the WhoopFAST 4G/5G neutral host platform at a Midwest based hospital. The installation of the 4G/5G neutral host platform will enable the customer to provide reliable connectivity in critical care areas of the hospital for staff and customers. “Whoop Wireless continues to see steady growth and recognition from its customer base that areas of critical communication need more than a Wi-Fi or over the air (OTA) solution when critical/sensitive information needs to be obtained and passed along to staff and Families”, stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at Whoop Wireless. Whoop Wireless’ 4G/5G neutral host Small Cell Interface (SCI) platform gives customers day one access to all carriers. The Whoop Wireless platform is not dependent upon the nearest cell phone tower for coverage. The Whoop Wireless platform is an IP based managed solution. “At the end of the day reliability matters. The ability to communicate critical and sensitive information matters. Whoop Wireless is here to address those concerns for critical communications that are affordable and reliable.” Strittmatter concluded as he spoke about the project.


Whoop Wireless is a veteran managed United States based OEM with a manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley and corporate headquarters in the Denver Tech Center (DTC).

Whoop Wireless contact:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com


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