Whoop Wireless completes Public Safety DAS Installation

19 DEC 2021

Whoop Wireless completes Public Safety BDA Installation in Rocky Mountain Region.

Whoop Wireless, a Small Cell Interface OEM and System Integrator for In Building Cellular and Public Safety communication systems, has completed a Public Safety DAS installation in the Rocky Mountain Region. “This was another team effort under some extreme weather conditions and a tight timeline that enabled the Whoop Wireless team to complete a Public Safety DAS installation. The coordination and teamwork of our distribution partner, Whoop Wireless’ installation crew, the general contractor, the building owner and manager along with the AHJ were all instrumental in getting this install complete prior to the deadline so that the customer’s end user could occupy the building with Life Safety and communication systems in place,” stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. “We had over a foot of snow hit the project site the night before the installation. Logistics were a challenge at times along with the installation of infrastructure on the roof top. Our distribution partner on the ground did a fantastic job of having all elements lined up for success. When you finish one project and have referrals coming in for additional opportunities you know you are doing right by the customer and their end user,” Strittmatter concluded as he spoke about the project.

The project included the installation of an ADRF Public Safety DAS that supports 700/800MHz and First Net. The initial site and RF survey conducted by Whoop Wireless showed “no service” on the first through fifth floor with minimal service on the sixth floor. After installation completion and post installation RF survey, optimal coverage was confirmed on each floor including critical communication areas: stairways, elevator shafts and basement areas.

Whoop Wireless provides in-building solutions for commercial cellular and Public Safety/ERRCS platforms that enhance the ability to communicate for day-to-day and Life Safety scenarios. Contact Whoop Wireless today to solve your in-building communication issues.


Flexible Financial Models

The CAPEX model is for those customers that want a one-time CAPEX expense with a monthly managed service plan; the Flex program is a model that involves an activation fee with a monthly managed service plan; the Cellular and/or Public Safety as a Service (CaaS/PSaaS) plan involves a model that includes a minimal activation fee/or zero down along with a monthly managed service plan.

Whoop Wireless RF Coverage/Public Safety DAS/ERRCS Testing and Reports

Whoop Wireless offers RF Coverage testing for in-building cellular and Public Safety DAS/ERRCS that enable certification for certificate of occupancy and certification by AHJ’s.

 Whoop Wireless contact:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com

Hayes Bell – Project Manager

Phone: 720-475-0404

Email: hb@whoop-wireless.com

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