Whoop Wireless Completes Public Safety DAS/ERCS Project in California

Whoop Wireless completes Public Safety DAS/ERRCS Install in California

Whoop Wireless, a DAS OEM and provider of in-building cellular and public safety platforms, has completed the installation of a public safety/ERCS platform for a hospitality client in the San Francisco Bay area. The installation of the public safety/ERCS platform will enable first responders to communicate within all spaces of the hotel including the critical areas of stairwells and basements where RF signals are typically weak. “Whoop Wireless understands the need for RF communications within buildings and this is especially true when it comes to providing lifesaving communications for the first responder community,” stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at Whoop Wireless.

Whoop Wireless works in coordination with the customer and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure that all frequencies and RF coverage gaps/dead zones have been addressed. “This was a very time sensitive project that would not have been completed without the cooperation and sense of urgency from the entire Whoop Wireless team and our partners. We have tremendous people that work at Whoop Wireless. This is another example of what happens when you execute on the fundamentals and have a team that takes pride in doing so with a life safety project,” Strittmatter concluded as he spoke about the project.


Whoop Wireless is a veteran managed United States based OEM with a manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley and corporate headquarters in the Denver Tech Center (DTC).

Whoop Wireless contact:

Mark Strittmatter – Vice President of Sales and Customer Service

Phone: 817-946-8001

Email: ms@whoop-wireless.com


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