Whoop completes upgrade at commercial campus in Virginia

07 JULY 2020
Whoop Wireless completes upgrade for Commercial Customer in Virginia.

Whoop Wireless has completed an upgrade and installation for a commercial customer in Virginia. The upgrade included next generation proprietary software/firmware and equipment upgrades to an existing customer’s in-building platform. “This project came to us from one of our existing customers that needed to upgrade and expand the initial design. Projects like these show the scalability of the Whoop Wireless system where our platform is modular and has the ability to grow with your business. This commercial site now has between 300-500 personnel working in the building on any given day so it was important that flexibility be considered during the upgrade design process,” stated Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Whoop Wireless. “The next phase for this customer will be to look at additional sites and start to address the needs for in-building public safety. Our focus has been solving challenges inside the buildings. Our customer base continues to respond positively to our methodical approach to providing solutions that assist them in retaining customers and attracting additional clients into their properties. The Whoop Wireless platform has proven time and again to be a cost-effective value add to our customer base. Scalability is one of our strengths that has been recognized in the industry – we will keep pushing that positive message.” Strittmatter concluded.

The patented whoopFAST™ Small Cell Interface (SCI) delivers 4G/LTE in-building coverage for the four Tier 1 mobile network operators, serving >98% of users Day-1. It includes ten radio inputs and four outputs. The inputs include eight small cell (femtocell) inputs and two over-the-air (OTA) inputs. The OTA inputs use band-specific repeaters to boost the OTA signal for simulcasting throughout the in-building coverage area. The small cell inputs are operator-specific, with the capacity of each small cell switchable to any of the four outputs. Up to 50+ antennas may be connected to each SCI. A Whoop Antenna Array Element (AAE) is connected to each antenna to boost output power through the antenna. This enables Enterprises to distribute a femtocell signal to a coverage area 50x larger than the area of a typical stand-alone femtocell. The SCI passive switch matrix optimizes the delivery of capacity where required in the coverage area. Capacity may be simulcasted throughout the building, or mapped to targeted coverage zones, based on enterprise capacity requirements and available signal source capacity.

Whoop Wireless is an OEM that manufactures and installs its proprietary Small Cell Interface and Donor Antenna systems for in-building cellular and public safety systems. Whoop Wireless offers its Managed Service and Extended Warranty platform to all existing and new customers. Whoop Managed Services include: Turn Key Installation of OEM/non-OEM gear; order, provisioning and maintenance for infrastructure circuits/backhaul; order, provisioning and maintenance of RF carrier signal; Remote monitoring and maintenance of Whoop OEM/Non-OEM gear; Onsite maintenance of Whoop OEM and Non-OEM gear.

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