Software Enhancement to Whoop Wireless Management System

Whoop Wireless, a turn key provider of in building cellular and public safety platforms, has completed a six month beta test with the Company’s customer base representing five distinct markets within the DAS/In-Building Cellular space. “The expansion of the capabilities and functionality of Whoop’s network management and maintenance software platform continues to be a collaboration between the Whoop Wireless team and our customer base that is spread out over multiple geographic regions and a diversity of market channels including healthcare, hospitality, MDU’s, commercial campus sites and university systems. This is a pretty big milestone for us – and it was based on customer feedback and buy in to improve this important tool that is used on a daily basis by our customers and our operations personnel”, said Mark Strittmatter, Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at Whoop Wireless.

The beta test was a request that customers made to the Whoop management team to enhance the existing remote monitoring and maintenance platform. Customers that manage over forty-seven separate sites have been using the beta software and providing analytics and feedback to the Whoop engineering, operations and software development team. “This is and will continue to be a customer driven project that will enhance our ability to remotely monitor and maintain the Whoop system and ancillary gear/infrastructure connected to our eco-system.” stated Strittmatter. Whoop expects to commercially launch the enhanced platform no later than February 2021. “These are the types of projects that show the loyalty of our customer base. When your customers will take the time to work with you on a project that will enhance their revenue and drive cost efficiencies, that speaks volumes about the relationship and the trust that exist between both parties,” Strittmatter continued as he discussed the project.

Whoop Wireless has invested significant capital in the Company’s monitoring and maintenance platform over the past twenty four months and will continue to work with customers to develop the next generation of its software for both its managed services platform and OEM platforms. The enhance software will interface with Whoop Wireless’ proprietary OEM gear and embedded software/firmware to give its customer base additional information, alerting and access to system health analytics that are available throughout Whoop’s Small Cell Interface (SCI) and HE4 in building cellular platforms. Whoop Wireless in building cellular platforms have been installed in 154 sites, with 2,200+ nodes and covering 8,900,000+ square feet.

Whoop Wireless is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that uses proprietary equipment and software to service the Middleprise in-building cellular and public safety markets. Whoop Wireless offers Managed Services for all turn-key installations that includes remote monitoring/maintenance and extended warranties for the Company’s in-building cellular and public safety systems.

Contact: Mark Strittmatter – Vice President Customer Service and Sales
Phone: 817-946-8001
Whoop Wireless is a 5G Property Solutions Company.

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