A Year of Transition – Whoop Wireless – 15 DEC 2019

The past ten months have been very active for the Whoop Wireless brand. In February of 2019 the Whoop Wireless brand and certain assets were purchased by 5G Property Solutions LLC. Jeff Bell was named Chief Executive Officer and President. Brian Kinsey was named Vice President of Operations and Engineering; and Mark Strittmatter was brought on as the Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. The executive team for the Whoop Wireless brand has over ninety years of combined experience in telecommunications. Originally an OEM for the carrier DAS market, the new management team is bringing the product into the enterprise managed service segment where carrier ROI doesn’t allow for a traditional carrier funded or neutral host DAS. “For our customers it is all about financial flexibility and operational scalability – our business model reflects the needs of our customer base and the responsibility we have to our investors and stakeholders”, Jeff Bell said.  “We are building on what works and adding additional services under the Managed Service Platform.”

The executive team spent the first several quarters of 2019 making sure existing customers’ needs were/are being met. It can now offer those clients in-building managed services to address all of their in-building needs for cellular, public safety, public safety site certifications, provisioning for inbuilding networks that require backhaul and/or dark fiber to bring service to a building, as well as, cellular and public safety systems monitoring and maintenance capabilities. “As we went through our due diligence we saw great potential and market penetration with the Whoop brand as we spoke to current and potential customers,” Bell said. “It has been very rewarding to see the customer base continue its loyalty to the Whoop brand. I am a former military guy so our process over the past 10 months has been one of ‘crawl, walk, run.’ It has served us well.”

The transition of the Whoop brand has been received well by the customer base. The quality of the brand has been recognized by existing customers with repeat business and referrals to other customers that have been onboarded by Whoop. Whoop continues to expand on its deployed asset base of over 2,100 nodes at 150 sites, serving over 6,500,000 square feet. “It’s kind of a refreshing story for small businesses and entrepreneurs that says, ‘Hey, if you engage your customer and respond to their needs, and you execute on solving those problems – your customers will become your biggest advocate.” Bell said. “We’ve invested a lot of energy and money into improving the products from the hardware, to the software/firmware and the managed service platform we have that offers monitoring and maintenance. There’s a lot of good news that’s there.”

Contact: Mark Strittmatter, Vice President Customer Service and Sales; ms@whoop-wireless.com; 817-946-8001.

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